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Shorts Competition Best Food Features Docs Competition Best TV Series
Docs Competition under 35
A  Film
1 original title*
2 english title*
3 month of production*     
4 year of production*   
  Will the screening at the Slow Food On Film Festival be:
5 the world première?*  yes    no
6 the European première?*  yes    no
7 the Italian première?*  yes    no
8 At which festivals has the film been shown before Slow Food On Film?
9 Synopsis*
10 Prizes:
B  Direction
11 first name*
12 family name*
13 address*
14 phone n°*
15 fax n°
16 e-mail*
17 Biography of the director:
18 Filmography of the director (Title, year, running time, format):
19 first name
20 family name
21 address
22 phone n°
23 fax n°
24 e-mail
C  Cast and credits
25 Screenplay*
26 Originale screenplay*  yes    no
27 Director of photography*
28 Editor*
29 Composer*
30 Sound recordist*
31 Main animator
32 Leading actors
D  Production - distribution
33 Name of the film producer*
  Production company
34 name*
35 address*
36 phone n°*
37 fax
38 e-mail*
39 Country of production*
40 Country(ies) of co-production
  World sales
41 name
42 address
43 phone n°
44 fax
45 e-mail
E  Technical information
  DVD is the only format allowed for submission
46 Type of film* Fiction Documentary Animation
Experimental Musical TV Series
47 Running time*
48 Number of reels
49 Colour* Colour   Black & White
50 Originally shot on*
51 Film format* 35mm DvCam MiniDv
Beta SP PAL Digibeta PAL 16 mm
52 Screen ratio * Film:    1:1,37  1:1,66  1:1,85  Cinemascope
Video:   4:3  16:9
53 Sound Mono   Stereo
Dolby System   Digital System 
54 Original film language
55 Subtitles
56   no dialogues  
F  Post selection
57 Return of screening material (name and address)*
G  Additional material

Please send by ordinary mail the additional material:

• Synopsis
• Cast and credits
• Press book
Two stills of the film
Photo (s) of the director

• Biography and filmography of the director
English or italian dialogue list

• Director's notes
• (For TV Series only) description of the series
DVD copy of the film

to the following address:

c/o Cineteca di Bologna
via Riva di Reno 72
40122 Bologna

H  Acceptance of regulations
58 Partecipation in this festival implies the acceptance of its regulations*   I agree with the Slow Food On Film Festival regulations
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