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Regulations 2008

1) Aims

International show of cinema and food promoted by Slow Food and by Cineteca of Bologna, Slow Food on Film aims to create a new critical awareness of food culture by encouraging and publicizing works of fiction and documentaries that develop an original story about food and which explore the many issues that this important theme sparks (drives; perversions; social, identity and emotional implications). That deal with the problems of the agroalimentary sector and its repercussions on society. That relate the story of gastronomic memory as a patrimony to safeguard.

2) Place and date

Slow Food on Film takes place in Bologna, from 7 to 11 May 2008.

3) Competitions

- Shorts Competition
- Docs Competition
- Best Food Features
- Best tv series

4) Shorts Competition

International competition for theme-related fictional and animated short films.

4. 1 – Method of Participation 
The theme is the account of the rite of food as an expression of a culture or knowledge, as the emblematic element of a social condition, as passion and/or obsession. Films made after 1 January 2006 in any format (max 35 min) are accepted.

4. 2 – Awards and Juries
A jury of professionals from the worlds of cinema, gastronomy and culture will assign the winning film the Golden Snail Award and a cash prize of € 5000.
Award for best short film: Golden snail + € 5000.

5) Docs Competition

International competition for theme-related documentaries.

5. 1 – Method of Participation 
International competition for documentaries. The theme is the memory of food (e.g. memory of an old recipe, of a rare and endangered farm crop, of a gastronomic tradition that is disappearing), the problems and controversies of the agro-industrial sector, food as passion. Films made in any format after 1 January 2006 are accepted.

5. 2 –Awards and Juries
A jury of professionals from the worlds of cinema, gastronomy and culture will assign two awards: to the best documentary and to the best short documentary (max 35’).
Award for best documentary: Golden Snail + €5000
Award for best short documentary: Golden Snail + €2000

6) Best Food Feature

International award for theme-related feature films of fiction and animation.

6. 1 – Method of Participation 
Participation will be limited to 5 international feature-length films that deal with the theme of food in an intelligent and innovative way. The 5 titles will be selected by the artistic direction and an academy of professionals from the worlds of cinema and international gastronomy (the Food and Film Academy) will assign an award to the best among them. Films made in any format after 1 January 2007 are accepted.

6. 2 – Awards and Juries
The Food and Film Academy will vote on and assign an award to the best of the 5 feature films nominated.
Award for best food feature: Golden Snail.

7) Best TV Series

International award for fictional or documentary TV series.

7.1 – Method of Participation 
Participation in the competition for the best television series on a gastronomic theme is reserved for series that have actually been televised. The producers, writers and directors who intend to mention their television series to the artistic direction can send an example episode for which they must complete the on line entry form. The episode sent in must be subtitled in English or Italian (if the soundtrack is not in one of these languages). Attached to the DVD copy must be a description- in English or Italian- of the series including the concept and brief synopses of the other episodes.

7.2 – Awards and Juries
The artistic direction of Slow Food on Film presents a selection of international television series to the Festival and, in collaboration with the Food and Film Academy, identifies and confers recognition on the one that is best representative of conscious, intelligent and culturally relevant gastronomy.
Award for the best TV series: Golden Snail

8) Deadlines and Method for Sending Films for Pre-selection 

The films must be sent as DVD copies subtitled in English or Italian (if the soundtrack is not in one of these languages) and received no later than 15 March 2008 (postmark date will be binding).
The material sent for the selection will not be returned.
The following must be included: a CD or DVD containing a photograph of the director, two still photographs of scenes from the film of scenes from the film, the complete dialogue list in English or Italian and a statement about the film by the director. The entry form is completed on line at www.slowfoodonfilm.com: upon successful receipt of the application, the film will be assigned a registration number that must be attached to the copy that is sent. The application will be considered valid only if the material is received by the deadline requested.

The copies must be sent by regular or first-class mail or by courier (specifying “no commercial value, for cultural purposes only”) to the following address:

c/o Cineteca di Bologna
via Riva di Reno 72
40122 Bologna

The selection is the exclusive and unquestionable competence of the artistic direction of the Festival. Only those applications that have been made out correctly and that have been completed with all the additional material requested will be accepted.

9) Deadlines and Methods of Sending the Selected Films

The copies of the selected films must be received by and no later than 15 April 2008 at the following address in Bologna:

c/o Cineteca di Bologna
via Riva di Reno 72
40122 Bologna

Mailing costs are at the sender’s expense, while the festival is responsible for the expense of returning the films.
The following formats are accepted: 35mm, 16mm, DigiBeta PAL, BetaSP PAL, DVCam e MiniDV.
It is necessary to specify that the mailing has “no commercial value, for cultural purposes only”.
Films and videos from Italy and other E.E.C. countries should be sent by courier or by express delivery (Postacelere Interna).
Copies from countries not belonging to the European Community must be sent by air mail only, under the customs system of temporary importation, using the courier that will be indicated by the Copies Movement of the Festival Each package from outside the EEC must include a pro-forma invoice, a list of the items, the proper travel documents (indicating number of reels, length of the film in meters, title and number of video cassettes of each film). It is important that the pro-forma invoice specifies that the package does not contain pornographic material.
The sender must also send the Festival Secretariat a notice of dispatch by fax that shows the title of the film, number of reels, date and details of the mailing (AWB number).
The films and videos are insured against any possible damage by an “all risk” insurance policy (including loss or theft of the copy) stipulated by the Festival for the entire time that the copies remain at its disposition. In case the copy is lost or damaged, the responsibility of the Festival will nevertheless be limited to the value of reprinting a second copy according to the current prices in Italy.
These regulations are written in Italian and English. Should there be problems of interpretation, the Italian version will be considered binding.


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